About KanaQuest

At KanaQuest you can find quizzes to help you perfect your comprehension of Japanese kana characters, and lessons on many Japanese language topics. Currently we have four quizzes. The first two are Hiragana and Katakana, which help with learning each individual hiragana or katakana character. On the third quiz, KanaWords, you just have to write out the word you see in kana using romaji. The newest quiz, KanaVerbs is similar to the KanaWords quiz with a twist. Each word is a verb in its dictionary form that you need to convert to masu form.

You can also check out our lessons section to find beginner Japanese lessons on many topics like greetings, writing systems, basic sentences, colors, verbs, particles, titles, and more!

You can change the settings, including levels, colors, fonts, and much more, of your quizzes by going to the settings page.

KanaQuest was founded in 2008 by Eugene Belinski and has made numerous feature expansions since. This website never displays advertisements.

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