Where are you from?

If you ever travel to Japan, you'll need to learn how to make a good introduction. One thing to say in a good introduction is where you're from. There are two general ways to tell someone where you're from:

Shusshin wa ______ desu.
______ kara kimashita.
I came from ______.
You can easily turn those two statements into questions as such:
Shusshin wa doko desu ka.
Doko kara kimashita.
Where are you from?
For example, I can say "Shusshin wa Ruumania desu." to tell someone I'm from Romania. Another thing to tell someone is where you live now. Here's the sentence pattern to tell someone where you're living now:
(Watashi wa) ______ ni sundeimasu.
I live in ______.
"Watashi wa" is in parentheses because generally, you do not necessarily need to include the subject in a sentence if you're talking about yourself. If you do not include the subject in the sentece but you turn it into a question, the subject is understood to be who you're talking to:
Doko ni sundeimasu ka.
Where do you live?

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